Empires in Flames

Owner and Creator: Ben Belford

Head of Logistics: Lillian Maloon

Plot Team: Corey Knapp, Nico Mota, Steven Nicoll, and Ben Belford

Rulebook Editing: Nathan Brown and Ben Belford

Founded: 2016

Current Player Base: 30

Events Held: 3 Full, 3 Playtests (as of 7/6/17)

Event Cost: $70 for Player Characters (includes food for the weekend) Free for Staff and Non-Player Characters (Food is provided)

Location: Currently we hold events at 4H Camp Middlesex in Ashby MA

Plans For Expansion: Currently it is planned to franchise the game system across the US. Additionally we have plans to open our own private event venue that caters specifically to the LARP community.

Company Facts

Our Story

Media Inquiries

Please email ​Lyonheartmediallc@gmail.com

The Team

Empires in Flames and it's parent company Lyon Heart Media LLC, were founded in 2016 by Benjamin Belford. However the story of their creation has much humbler beginnings back in 2013. Though the dream of what they could both be is far grander than anything he could imagine.

In 2013 Ben was going through an extremely rough patch in his life, having just separated from the mother of his daughter. He was unemployed, his utilities had been shut off, and he was facing eviction. Ben did the one thing that always helped him relax, he retreated into his imagination and began to write a book, the first in what he hoped could become a series. Though he had never written before he dreamed of creating the next high fantasy epic, set in world on the brink of chaos, and following a misfit band of adventurers from all different fantasy races and walks of life. However the book fell to the wayside after he was evicted and became homeless. Though this wouldn't be the last we heard of the world that would come to be known as Orlon.

In December of 2015, just three days after Christmas, Richard Lyon Belford Esquire passed away. Ben was devastated by the loss of his father and had little in the way of motivation and direction after his passing. Though as he stood at his father's grave, he couldn't help but hear one of his father's favorite sayings. “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.” Ben had always enjoyed that saying, though he never truly took it to heart, not until that day at least. Richard left him a small inheritance and he knew that he had to use it to do something with his life.

In early 2016, after receiving the money his father had left for him, Ben remembered his old pet writing project. He dug out the old pages and began to explore the idea of making it into something far larger than he had originally planned. Soon after, he began the process of forming Lyon Heart Media LLC (named for his father) and Empires in Flames. It was a grand dream, though he had little in the way of resources to get it off the ground, let alone a team to back him up in the endeavor. Over the next several months he would work tirelessly day and night to create the rule book and world history for Empires in Flames.

LHMLLC and EiF were founded with a few simple though profound principles. First, LARP should be affordable for everyone. Second, Food should be included in the cost of admission so that no one will go hungry. Third, the quality of costuming and effects should exceed the current status quo as finances allowed. Fourth, it should be a more adult oriented experience, with more mature themes and imagery. Lastly, it should be a safe place for everyone to come and enjoy themselves, regardless of gender, religious views, physical ability, sexual identity, or sexual orientation.

After months of hard work, Ben was finally able to recruit a small team to help him. In September of the same year, Empires in Flames held their first ever event. While the first event had a very meager turn out, it was met with rave reviews by all who attended. Each event after that has grown in attendance and scale. The company and game have been growing steadily ever since.